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Claire Renvoize

Adminstrative Assistant

Work History                 

Claire trained as a Dancer at Stage School and in 1989 travelled the world as a Professional dancer, filling in with office work.  On finishing her Dance career in 2001 she then trained at London College of Fashion, graduating 4 years later as a Makeup Artist and went on to work on photoshoots/TV etc.  Claire worked as a temp in various companies inbetween performing and working as a Makeup Artist then joined Sharps Redmore in July 2017.    

Work Experience       

Claire worked as a Professional Dancer worldwide for 12 years and gained her Equity Card which she used to work as a TV/Film Extra on TV shows such as Lovejoy, Silent Witness and appeared as a dancer on the Miramax movie 'Mansfield Park'.  She continued performing as a Lookalike & Tribute Act, appearing on numerous tv shows, commercials, pop videos.  In 2001 trained and worked as a Makeup Artist and Hair stylist for TV/Photographic/Fashion/Bridal, seeing her work in Hello Magazine and last worked as Makeup Artist for Celebrity Chef Rosemary Shrager. For 25 years Claire worked as an office temp in-between all the above for various companies including BMW, MLM, Ipswich Borough Council and Stowmarket Town Council and then joined Sharps Redmore in July 2017.  


Claire loves travelling, has spent a lot of time travelling all over USA with her American Fiance and enjoys visiting her parents in Spain; loving the food, culture, music and language.  She also enjoys Yoga, shopping, and watching movies. Claire loves dogs and has a big collection of Hello Kitty which is out of control.