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Specialist in:

  • Computer simulation
  • Tranquillity Contour Mapping

Dominic Attwell

BEng (Hons) AMIOA
Acoustic Consultant


Dominic graduated from Salford University in 2016, receiving a First-class degree in Audio Acoustics merited by his dissertation investigating how inter-aural cross correlation requires frequency weighting to produce equal spatial impression.

Work history

After spending his industrial placement year working for us as a Technician and trainee consultant; Dominic returned to Sharps Redmore as a graduate. The experience not only prepared him for extensive research but left him with a thirst for consultancy and acoustics

Work experience

Being educated in both acoustical design and environmental noise gives Dominic a broad knowledge of the industry; an understanding that he largely utilizes in software such as CATT Acoustics and SoundPLAN. Dominic spends the majority of his time glued to a screen, simulating complex scenarios to produce acoustical solutions for a range of project types. Since being back, Dominic has joined the Environmental Noise Team in progressing innovative tranquillity assessment methods; specifically in pushing the limits of software to produce detailed contour maps.


Dom can’t seem to get away from sound, even on his weekends – playing in bands and fiddling with PA desks; as well as “wasting” most of his money on guitar effects pedals. He does however like to get away to Lake District occasionally for a quiet hike across the mountains.