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Specialist in:

  • Industrial noise
  • Mineral workings
  • Environmental noise

Dean Barke

MSc.Environmental Acoustics. MIOA
Company Consultant


Dean studied Mechanical and Production Engineering during the period of his apprenticeship with a major industrial equipment manufacturer.  From there, he studied the IOA Diploma and later a Masters, at the Former South Bank Polytechnic.

Work history

The latter years of Dean’s four year training at Woods of Colchester (now, Flakt-Woods) took him into the fan design and testing facilities and then in to the noise control hardware section.  Dean joined Sound Research Laboratories in 1981 as Laboratory Technician.  After around five years of testing, and occasionally destructing, almost everything under the sun (from air-moving products to submarine bulkheads) Dean joined the consultancy group and soon focussed on his main interest of industrial equipment noise.  In 1992 Dean joined Acoustic Design Limited, (now part of Hodgson and Hodgson) as an acoustic consultant, where he continued his industrial project preference and developed his expertise in the minerals industry.  Dean became an Associate Director at ADL in 1995.  By 1997, Dean had moved to Sharps Redmore.  He became an Associate in 2009 and a Director of Sharps Redmore in 2012. Dean took a Company Consultant role in 2020.

Work experience

Dean has always had a leaning towards ‘the mechanical’ and after brief encounters with building and architectural acoustics, he set off to focus on projects involving machinery, manufacturing, process and production industries, including the minerals, wastes, recycling and power-generation sectors.   His projects deal with the environmental effects of such developments as well as the health and safety workplace hearing aspects.  Over the past twenty years or so, Dean has assessed many new and extended projects and has provided evidence at planning inquiries, hearings, magistrates’ courts and the High Court on industrial development schemes and hearing damage claims.  Dean is nothing if not thorough and relishes projects of technical challenge.


Dean and Sharon have two wonderful daughters in Veterinary and Psychology, providing essential services to animals and people in need.  Dean’s wife Sharon just needs him to be a little less thorough and to get on with finishing that greenhouse!