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Rory Sullivan



Rory studied Building Management and Technology at Liverpool University topping his class each year, and returned to undertake a PhD in Building Acoustics completing in 1994.

Work history

Rory’s first job was a dishwasher at Shrugborough Estate, home of the late Lord Litchfield. Whilst at University he spent time as a student quantity surveyor on the Warminster bypass, a student engineer for Tarmac Construction in High Wycombe and part of a small team in Kenya, building a water tank and pipeline for a village in the rift valley. In 1994 Rory moved to Suffolk and Sharps Redmore where he was an acoustic consultant for many years.  In 2004 a 2 year period was spent in Sydney, Australia working for Hyder Consulting under Bob Fitzell as his senior consultant.  After returning to Sharps Redmore in 2008, Rory became a Director.

Work experience

Gaining of a wide range of acoustic skills has always been Rory’s intention. This has helped him with a better and broader understanding of the subject to the benefit of his clients.  Rory is experienced in handling a wide range of projects, including commercial, entertainment, mixed use, residential, academic and so forth, including a number of large and signature projects both in the UK and overseas. Rory has a zest for acoustics, always trying to provide the best and most practical advice based on good acoustic principles.  Rory has published a number of papers on building acoustics. He has sat on various committees/groups, (regional, Bsi and IOA) and continues to play an active role with the wider acoustic community.


Rory has yet to understand the work/life balance but tries to hit the gym when he can, and taking his understanding family where they want to go. Music festivals, concerts, comedy shows, travel seem to be the regular order of the day. Everything else just has to wait.