Natural Tranquillity

Identifying and protecting the tranquillity of outdoor places has become increasingly important as population density continues to grow across our towns and countryside.

Since 2012 Planning Policy for England  has required local planning policies and planning decisions to identify and protect tranquil spaces. Though it was a progressive step, this guidance didn’t state how to assess existing or likely levels of tranquillity.

For many professionals and organisations involved in planning developments and related decision-making around the UK, the ambiguity in guidance has led to inconsistencies in tranquillity assessments and related judgements.

In response, over the past three years we have been developing a new method to accurately measure and assess the tranquillity of outdoor places — the Natural Tranquillity Method.

Professional Resources

To support our industry peers and colleagues, we have published a book on the Natural Tranquillity Method, Tranquil Spaces and developed an online calculator.

We hope this will support the adoption of the Natural Tranquillity Method as best practice for assessing tranquillity outdoors and meeting government guidelines on planning decision making regarding tranquillity.

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